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The Ninth Legislative District is among the largest in our state, covering all or part of six counties in eastern and southeastern Washington. Its many attractive features include some of the finest agricultural land in the United States, an outstanding public university and an inviting, primarily rural lifestyle. I am honored to represent the Ninth District at our Capitol for a 23rd consecutive year.

I am committed to providing Ninth District residents with accessible, responsible representation, and making sure the generations which follow ours – like our two children and three grandchildren – have opportunities to prosper which are at least equal to what we have enjoyed. That means working for fiscal stability, through sustainable budgeting and reasonable taxation, and sensible policies.

My particular interests as a lawmaker are, not surprisingly, agriculture and our state budget.

Again, thanks for visiting. If you have any questions or concerns about the issues facing our state, please contact me via e-mail, the toll free legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000 or my Olympia office at (360) 786-7620.

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October 13, 2023

Schoesler: New regional hydrogen hub would not happen without hydropower

State Sen. Mark Schoesler issued this statement following this morning’s announcement by the U.S. Department of Energy that it will provide $1 billion to Washington, Oregon and Montana to establish eight hydrogen production sites across the three states: “This would not happen without hydropower. Our state has a strong and reliable hydropower system that provides...
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June 07, 2023

Schoesler says latest cap-and-trade carbon auction will raise fuel prices again

The recent carbon allowance auction held by the state Department of Ecology under the state’s costly cap-and-trade program will mean even higher fuel prices for drivers in Washington just as the summer driving season is about to start, says 9th District Sen. Mark Schoesler. “Drivers across Washington will pay even more at the pump thanks...
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May 09, 2023

Governor signs Schoesler bill helping school districts address maintenance needs

A bill introduced this year by 9th District Sen. Mark Schoesler that aims to help school districts in Washington address their building-maintenance needs was signed today by Gov. Jay Inslee. The law created by Senate Bill 5403 will allow school districts to create a “depreciation subfund” that can receive a transfer of up to 2%...
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April 22, 2023

Schoesler praises state capital budget passed by Legislature

State Sen. Mark Schoesler, the Senate Republican leader on the capital budget, issued this statement after the Legislature passed a new state capital budget for 2023-25. It funds the construction and maintenance of state buildings, public-school matching grants, higher-education facilities, public lands, parks, water infrastructure and other assets. “This is a win for the people...
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April 21, 2023

Schoesler says Democrats’ passage of anti-firearm bills won’t deter criminals

State Sen. Mark Schoesler, R-Ritzville, issued this statement after Democratic majorities in the Legislature passed House Bill 1240, which would ban the sale of semi-automatic weapons in Washington, and House Bill 1143, which would prohibit someone from buying a firearm from a dealer unless the buyer has passed a background check and has completed a...
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April 18, 2023

Legislature OKs Schoesler bill to help school districts address maintenance needs

A bill introduced by 9th District Sen. Mark Schoesler that aims to help school districts in Washington address their building-maintenance needs is heading to the governor’s desk after being passed by the Legislature. Senate Bill 5403 would allow school districts to create a “depreciation subfund” that can receive a transfer of up to 2% of...
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