Schoesler applauds Legislature’s passage of supplemental capital budget

Sen. Mark Schoesler is pleased with the Legislature’s unanimous passage of a compromise state supplemental capital budget that funds several projects in the 9th Legislative District.

The capital budget funds the construction and maintenance of state buildings, public schools, higher education facilities, public land, parks and other assets throughout Washington.

The Senate today voted 49-0 to pass the final version of the capital budget, Senate Bill 6248. The House approved it 97-0 Wednesday. It now goes to Gov. Jay Inslee for final consideration.

“Representatives Dye and Schmick and I asked capital budget leaders to put several local and community projects in either the House or Senate version of the capital budget this year,” said Schoesler, R-Ritzville. “I’m pleased these projects are included in the final version of the budget, because several of our communities will benefit.”

The capital budget includes $25,000 in funding that Schoesler requested for emergency structural repairs to the Van Marter Building in Lind. In May 2019, the building underwent a structural engineering assessment, which determined that five heavy timber supports and new concrete footings must be replaced immediately to prevent the loss of the building’s main floor.

“The engineer who performed the assessment determined these repairs require urgent attention for safety reasons,” said Schoesler, “I’m glad the capital budget provides funding so these repairs can be done soon.”

The Adams County Historical Society hopes to renovate the Van Marter Building so it can become the Adams County Museum.

The capital budget appropriates nearly $1.27 million for the 9th District, including these other local projects:

  • Pasco Landfill ($1 million)
  • Design and construction of a pipeline and pump station as part of the Odessa groundwater replacement program ($175,000)
  • Pataha Flour Mill elevator in Pomeroy ($40,000)
  • Pomeroy Booster Pumping Station ($16,000)
  • Asotin County Library meeting space in Clarkston ($13,000)