Schoesler supports supplemental capital budget passed by Legislature

State Sen. Mark Schoesler applauded the final version of the state supplemental capital budget unanimously approved by the Legislature March 6, just before lawmakers adjourned for the year.

“While this compromise version of the supplemental capital budget is not as strong in some areas as the version developed and approved by the Senate earlier in the session, it is still a good capital budget that will help communities across Washington, and address many important needs,” said Schoesler, who is the lead Republican capital budget writer in the Senate.

As was the case with the Senate version, the final capital budget funds many projects located in the 9th District, noted Schoesler, R-Ritzville.

Several 9th District school districts receive funding through the small district and tribal compact schools modernization program, including $5.245 million for a school repair project in the Asotin-Anatone School District. Other school districts receiving funding include Creston, Freeman, LaCrosse, Palouse, Pomeroy, Steptoe and Wilbur.

Washington State University’s main campus in Pullman receives $10 million for a new digester at the Knott Dairy Center, maker of Cougar Gold cheese, and $3 million for its campus energy program.

Eastern Washington University in Cheney receives nearly $10 million for energy improvements to its sports and recreation center.

Other local projects in the 9th District that are funded by the supplemental capital budget include:

  • Tristate Health Hospital in Clarkston ($1 million).
  • Tekoa Parks and Recreation ($200,000)
  • Davenport Senior Center capital improvements ($120,000)
  • Latah water system rehabilitation project ($187,000)
  • Regional Theatre of the Palouse (Pullman) preservation and maintenance ($77,000)

There also is $250,000 for a portion of the Odessa Pipeline project located in the 9th District.

The final capital budget funds several projects that are located near the 9th District:

  • $46 million for the Tri-Tech Skills Center in Kennewick.
  • $5.5 million for the Odessa Ground Water Replacement Program.
  • $3.5 million in toxic cleanup funding for homes affected by the Grays Road and Oregon wildfires in Spokane County last August, plus another $975,000 for the Spokane Conservation District to implement wildfire recovery efforts.

“The Odessa ground water project and the wildfire recovery projects were initiated in the Senate this year and the Senate insisted that these projects stay in the final capital budget. I’m pleased that we succeeded in keeping these projects in the budget,” said Schoesler.

The 2024 legislative session ended March 7.