Schoesler statement on Democrats’ new bill raising property taxes

State Sen. Mark Schoesler, R-Ritzville, issued this statement after Senate Democrats introduced Senate Bill 5770, which would triple the annual growth rate of both state and local property taxes in Washington.

“The Senate Democrats’ bill to raise property taxes is just another example of their incurable addiction for more money. Their operating budget this year is the most expensive in state history and calls for record spending in virtually all areas. Their cap-and-tax program is costing drivers far more in fuel prices. The state Supreme Court just upheld their tax on capital-gains income, so you know they’ll eventually try to squeeze even more money out of people with that new tax. And there is a bill still alive that would make the ‘death tax’ more expensive for some. But all of that is not enough for them. Now, the Democrats want to pass an 11th-hour bill that would triple the growth rate of both state and local property taxes. Many people around our state are asking for tax relief and this is the Democrats’ response?! Unbelievable. Taxpayers have had enough!”

Schoesler, who serves the 9th Legislative District, is a longtime member of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, which deals with budget and tax issues.