Schoesler statement on Gov. Inslee signing presidential primary bill into law

Senate Republican Leader Mark Schoesler, R-Ritzville, issued this statement on Gov. Jay Inslee today signing into law Senate Bill 5273, which will move Washington’s 2020 presidential primary from late May to March but will also require voters to affiliate with either the Democratic or Republican Party in order for their presidential-primary votes to count.

“While I applaud moving Washington’s presidential primary to March so it gives our state’s voters a greater voice in choosing the presidential nominees, I’m disappointed that this legislation will disenfranchise independent-minded voters in our state since many of them will refuse to affiliate with either of the two major parties.

“It’s disappointing and ironic that legislative Democrats, who talk so much about voter access, have passed a bill that will shut out voters who refuse to declare they’re a Democrat or Republican.

“Washington has a long and strong tradition of independent-minded voters. Today will be remembered as a big win for the political parties in Washington but a lost opportunity on behalf of our many voters who value independence and privacy.”