Senate delivers a ‘no-new-taxes’ budget proposal, cuts college tuition 25 percent

Schoesler budget unveilOLYMPIA…”This is a bold budget proposal that delivers on the promise to make education the top priority and to live within our means. The Senate budget delivers tax relief for families, fully funds K-12 education and protects the most vulnerable – all without raising taxes.

“This budget sends the message to families across Washington that, ‘we hear you and your desire to see your children realize their college dreams.’ This budget delivers a 25 percent cut in college tuition and reverses a 30 year trend by prioritizing new education dollars 3 to 1. We don’t measure success in higher education by how much we spend on need grants. Success is measured by reducing the need.

“From the beginning we believed that $3 billion in added projected revenue was enough to make this budget work. This is a ‘no new taxes’ budget that stands in stark contrast to the 15 percent increase in government spending and a $1.5 billion tax increase proposed by the House Democrat leadership. Tax increases should always be the last resort, not the first order of business.

“We are proud to present this 2015-17 state operating budget proposal to the people of Washington with a pledge to capture savings and keep the state’s economy moving with greater investments in education and tax relief for families.”

~ Sen. Mark Schoesler, Majority Leader